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The Community Action Party is committed to working with communities. It sees a partnership between voluntary community organisations, government and the wider community as essential for building community wellbeing in the ACT.

Communities are the building blocks of society and the cement that holds it together. Everyone in the ACT belongs to several communities. The neighbourhood is one example, but there are many others based on shared interests, shared values, shared identities, shared aspirations or shared life experiences.

ACT communities have been ignored for too long. Centralist planning, economic (ir)rationalism and government arrogance have given rise to an increasingly dysfunctional society. The solution is a new political party that upholds community and environmental values as well as economic ones: a party that recognises the true worth of a fully functioning and supportive community. We are a community party, literally an Party of communities.
The Party will work with local communities, not against them.

Community participation
The Party recognises that social isolation is a significant issue for some people. The Party is committed to giving people of all ages the opportunity to be fully engaged in the community life of the ACT.
The Party will work with communities to develop innovative solutions to problems. A genuine exchange of information and ideas will allow the ACT community and government to identify needs, minimise waste and maximise effectiveness in the meeting community needs. Community consultation and negotiation are essential at all stages and all levels of the decision-making process.
Consultative bodies and advocacy groups already exist. As part of the ACT community, they must be kept informed of government plans and actions before major decisions are made.
The Party will revive local planning and advisory committees to broaden community input into the direction of ACT urban planning and development.
The Party sees crime prevention as a community task. The Party believes that better planned community infrastructure and enhanced social inclusion help to prevent crime.

Community services
The Party supports the decentralised provision of community services and facilities, so they are located where people can access them. Vibrant neighbourhoods that include schools and community centres are a natural focus for community and volunteering activities. These restore safety and crime prevention networks and pride in neighbourhoods. They also provide invaluable support for newcomers to the ACT.
One result of the school closures has been the loss of well-used and highly valued community space. The Party insists that school buildings and land remain in public ownership for use as a community facility.
The Party will respond to changing community needs as ACT residents are spending more time in their neighbourhoods. This is a result of the recent increase in young families, an ageing population and more people working from home.

Voluntary organisations
The Party will facilitate partnerships between voluntary community organisations, the wider community and government through the provision of additional funding, vocational training, additional low-cost community space and a Public Liability Insurance Scheme designed to make premiums affordable for community organisations and activities.
The Party supports continued ACT Government funding for the many and varied community based artistic and cultural groups that enhance the lives of ACT residents.

The Party supports the reestablishment of dispersed park maintenance teams to maintain the safety, appearance and environmental value of public parks, street trees, and natural landscapes to the highest standards, as well as promoting the increased participation of volunteer community groups in such activities.