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The Community Action Party is committed to working with energy providers, communities, businesses, and governments to achieve a sustainable basis for energy generation and use in the ACT.


The Party will genuinely consult with communities and other stakeholders to develop a long-term strategic plan for the ACT which incorporates environmentally friendly energy objectives.
The Party supports the development of an integrated transport network in the ACT that reduces total transport energy use and the reliance on fossil fuels.
The Party is opposed to nuclear power generation in the ACT.

Supply and use

The Party supports moves to alternative energy sources – such as solar and wind power – that are less polluting than traditional sources of energy.
The Party supports plans that require that all future retail energy generation in the ACT to come from clean and renewable sources.
The Party will encourage businesses involved in environmentally friendly energy provision to come to the ACT.
The Party supports a feed-in tariff for privately generated electricity that is at least equivalent to the current retail price.

Efficiency measures

All new housing—in new developments and redevelopments—and government facilities must meet stringent design standards of resource efficiency, and public housing stock should be progressively retro-fitted to meet such standards. The Party will assist private home-owners to install insulation, double glazing, solar energy, and other environmentally friendly technologies.
The Party supports purchasing electric vehicles for government use.
The Party supports an improved energy efficiency rating system for all residential and commercial buildings.


The Party supports mandatory reporting of emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants associated with energy use.
The Party supports the ACT Government taking an appropriate role in any revived national carbon-trading scheme.


The Party supports measures to keep the price of energy affordable for low-income households.
The Party supports a free energy advisory service for users and the construction industry.
The Party will instigate a review of electricity and water supply in the ACT.