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The Community Action Party supports the creation of an integrated, flexible, and sustainable transport system for the ACT. We will actively promote community-friendly modes of transport, including public transport, walking, cycling, and carpooling.
The reliance on the private motor vehicle is a long-term issue that needs integrated solutions addressing the needs of commuters and off-peak travellers in the context of ACT planning. Simply constructing new roads and widening existing ones is not a long-term solution in itself, and the Party will look past this short-term approach to transport planning.

Public transport
The Party will seek to develop a public bus network that is adequately resourced and designed to meet community need. Options that improve commuter use will be investigated without ignoring the needs of off-peak users who are completely dependant on buses for their transport needs. MLAs and their staff will be encouraged to use the bus network whenever feasible.
The Party supports the provision of accessible, reliable and affordable public transport options for the elderly and people with disabilities.
The Party will investigate alternative strategies, such as expansion of the 'Park 'n' Ride' system.
The ACT does not suffer from a taxi shortage. However, a new system of providing taxi licences is required given the arrival of Uber and other 'ride sharing' operators.
The Party supports student bus passes working all year round and free bus passes for children without a local public school.
The Party supports upgrading of the public transport network to improve access to tourist attractions around the ACT.

Transport infrastructure
The Party supports the development of an integrated transport network in the ACT that reduces total transport energy use and the reliance on fossil fuels.
The Party does not oppose light rail in principle, but think that the planned line from Civic to Woden makes little sense. Canberra is not a linear settlement and hence would need a fully-fledged network to attract sufficient passengers to change travel habits.
The economic case for light rail has been seriously distorted by incorporating some dubious and exaggerated assumptions about peripheral benefits. Any additional jobs created will only be temporary.
The environmental case for light rail is not strong. The loss of trees (especially along Northbourne Avenue) and the massive consumption of resources during construction are significant costs. Newer technologies like electric, self-drive buses and cars powered by renewables are more flexible and a better long-term investment.
The Party will seek to invest in infrastructure in a way that is socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Major transport routes – including main roads, cycle paths and even footpaths – will be maintained to an acceptably safe standard. This may involve liaising with the Commonwealth government for funding for major roads. There is an urgent need to reassess the method of identifying priorities and desirability in planning any future road construction.
The Party believes in the provision and maintenance of a safe network of cycle paths linking all of our regions and suburbs.
The Party will work with the NSW and Commonwealth governments in an attempt to improve rail services.

Private transport
The Party will investigate regulations and options to facilitate the greater use of cycling as a regular mode of transport.
The Party will encourage car-pooling with reduced parking costs.
The Party supports additional resources for driver education and training, well designed roads, and other measures to improve road safety.
The Party supports road tax exemptions, free public parking, and the development of a free recharging network for zero emission electric vehicles.
The Party supports free parking at hospitals, parking concessions for carers, and will investigate the supply of parking in Civic. The Party will require all new commercial developments to provide adequate disabled parking, and will ensure that the illegal use of disabled parking spaces is appropriately punished.
The Party supports the relocation of speed cameras that do not contribute to road safety.
The Party supports a review of parking provision for motorcycles.
The Party opposes the introduction of front number plates for motorcycles.
The Party will introduce no-blame third-party personal insurance for motor vehicle accidents.