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The Community Action Party believes that judicial independence, and a fair, efficient, and affordable system of courts and tribunals, is of fundamental importance to our democratic freedoms.

Although the ACT's legal system generally works well, long delays and high costs are a serious deterrent to some ACT residents seeking justice, and place a significant financial burden on ACT taxpayers.


The Community Action Party recognises the unique place the ACT's Indigenous people occupy in our collective history. The Party believes in equality of opportunity for the ACT's Indigenous people.

The Indigenous community of the ACT is very small, about one per cent of the total population. Relative to the general ACT population, Canberra's Indigenous people are disadvantaged. From educational attainment to employment prospects and from life expectancy to criminal activity, this situation has shown little improvement over recent years. It has even deteriorated in some respects.


The Community Action Party believes that the ACT Government has a vital role to play in the provision and supply of sustainable, high quality yet affordable housing to the community.
Housing in the ACT is expensive and hard to find. Although this is part of a wider national trend in all of Australia's capital cities, local factors such as a slow release of land for development have not helped. Demand exceeds supply and the number of homeless people is still rising. The Party supports private home ownership, a strong public housing system and adequate crisis housing services.


The Community Action Party values the ACT's history and heritage including Indigenous sites, buildings of architectural and cultural significance, and other features that have historic, scientific, aesthetic, social or traditional importance.


The Community Action Party supports a publicly funded, accessible world-class health care system for the ACT. The Party supports the establishment of substantive and holistic preventative health programs. The Party supports local health facilities.


The Community Action Party is committed to a 'back to basics' approach that aims to direct government spending to the essential functions and services required to meet the needs of the community.

The current ACT Government has not spent our money wisely, especially during the past eight years. It has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on unnecessary expenditure.


The Community Action Party believes that families are the building blocks of community and need more support.

Canberra's status as a 'family-friendly' city has been diminished by the hard-hearted attitude and narrow-minded policies of the current ACT Government. The Party will work with families, communities and employers to help realise the potential of families from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Families and government


The Community Action Party is committed to working with energy providers, communities, businesses, and governments to achieve a sustainable basis for energy generation and use in the ACT.



The Community Action Party believes that the ACT Government has a significant role to play in promoting a diverse range of employment opportunities and best-practice working conditions in the ACT.

Although the ACT has a low unemployment rate relative to the national average, it also has a high cost of living. In addition, skills shortages are severe in some areas and, with an ageing population, ACT workforce participation rates are declining. The Party supports the development of a comprehensive strategic plan to address the employment needs of the ACT.

Emergency Services

The Community Action Party supports the development of a world class emergency services organisation for the ACT. We will ensure that adequate resources are provided to improve morale amongst emergency services personnel and to protect the ACT community.